Typically there are one of three places someone will find themselves most often. These are generally at home, at work or their third place. A place that is familiar as home. A place they feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease to be themselves and enjoy their free time. Unlike work, the third place is a place they choose to spend their time willingly over many other places.

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Lagarto Brasserie

Perfect For You

We serve uncomplicated, down to earth food that warms the heart and pleases the palate. A diverse menu offering a range of simple dishes, sharing plates and set menus in La Caleta, Tenerife.

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The Brasserie
The Brasserie
The Brasserie

We serve, healthy and wholesome Vegan Dishes to delight the most discerning of vegans. Rather than just an afterthought, these creative and colourful recipes are designed to tempt even the most devoted meat lovers.

Using the very best seasonal produce, our Meat & Fish options are designed by head chef Cisco who utilises his passion, knowledge and creativity to deliver the kind of hearty dishes that our customers want to order time and time again.

Personalise your dish with our large selection of Sides and Sauces to bring your favourite flavours to each plate. Choose the tastes you love best to make the meal your own.


Group Sharing Menu

Our Group Sharing Menu is an opportunity for us to highlight some of our more high-end dishes. This menu is also a real opportunity for our customers to indulge in a luxurious fine dining experience and for our chefs to showcase their culinary artistry.

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